I was born in April 1973.  I was into art from a very young age,…..constantly getting in trouble in school for drawing on everything.  Once I graduated highschool I went to the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in Dover, NJ.  After graduating the intensive 3 year course I was already working in the comic book field.  Within two short years the comic book field collapsed due to prices of ink and paper going up tremendously and half the subscribers dropped out.  I then heard the tattoo gods calling…I did an apprenticeship (the right thing to do)…and began tattooing in 1995 and never looked back….I’ve worked in several shops over the years always looking for something more….I finally found it when Larry Davis called me and asked me to work with him….How could I say no??!!…Larry is A living legend in tattooing and im honored to work for him……..Stop by Explicit tattoos in Suffern, NY and see why were the busiest shop in Rockland and maybe Orange County as well!!….WE LIVE FOR THIS

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